Why do I need a regular service?

Why do I need a regular service?

This blog addresses the fundamental question of why it is a good idea to have your car serviced regularly.

When should I get a service?

Everyone knows that it is important to have a regular service for your vehicle. We recommend doing this annually, or every 12,000 miles as a rule of thumb, but your car’s make, age, history and the way you use it may determine otherwise.

If you have any doubts about garages ‘pushing’ services recommendations, note that the Money Advice Service suggests regular maintenance and servicing to save you cash in the long run, as servicing offers a chance to diagnose and fix small issues before they become big, expensive ones.

What can I expect?

Here at our family run garage in Exeter, we offer a full range of specialist automotive services to keep your car in tip top condition! We are happy to service any car but if you happen to have a BMW, Mercedes, Porsche or Mini, we have all the specialist equipment needed to service these brands on site.

In between services, you can help your car out by getting to know how many miles it can comfortably do in between oil changes, and keeping things like coolant, brake and power steering fluid in the correct zone. A service does more than this, though.

A full service involves all the usual’s like changing oil, cleaning or replacing the air filter, checks of engine fluids, tires and breaks. A top garage will be carrying out up to SIXTY FIVE different checks against the manufacturers guidelines. Now that really is a lot of things to cross your fingers over, if you are taking the risk of not having a service.

Servicing also, crucially, gives you a chance to find out things like how your cambelt is getting along. This is vital because if your cambelt fails on the road, your engine can suffer serious (and expensive) damage.

In short, a good garage will check all the vehicle functions that effect your day-to-day driving, as well as longer term components. Plus, they can adjust, fix, top-up and fine-tune anything that is costing your car efficiency – meaning that regular servicing also saves you fuel long-term!

Going digital

As part of the service we offer at MBS, we also fill out your online service history to ensure you can maintain any warranty’s you might have on your vehicle. This isn’t standard with every garage, but we think it is a good practice and would do it for our own vehicles, so we do it for yours, too.

Call now on 01392 493222, message us on Facebook @MBSMercBMW, or email info@mbsmercedesbmw.com to find out more about the different levels of servicing we offer, pricing, and servicing for our specialist brands – BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Mini.


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