The Car-Tech Revolution
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The Car-Tech Revolution

Over recent years we have seen a speedy increase in technological advancements in cars. We have come a long way from the development of the internal combustion engine, and engineers across the globe are competing all the time to keep changing the face of the motor industry and driving as we know it.

From the electrical revolution to in-car driving technology, we take a look at some of the recent trends in car-tech.

The smart car phenomenon has been around for several years and is only getting stronger. These compact, electric-powered cars are ideal for city driving, enabling you to manoeuvre safely and efficiently around busy streets.

For example, the Mercedes-Benz Smart is a big deal in a small package. The new generation of smart design offers the ‘fortwo’ and ‘forfour’, in order to offer a wider range of buyers the efficiency and technological benefits of the Smart. Mercedes-Benz is running with the success of the smart models, and has this year launched its EQ, Electric Intelligence, Vision.

The drive towards a more seamless and labour-free driving experience shows no sign of braking. Tesla is still working tirelessly on their goal of mainstream driverless cars and many other companies are striving to overtake, despite several safety concerns about computer error and the ‘de-skilling’ of drivers. There are also legal questions regarding liability in the case of an accident in a future ‘autonomous vehicle’.

It is generally accepted now that it is important to move towards more eco-friendly modes of transportation, but the safety of electric vehicles and the economic need for continued and improved mobility can throw a spanner in the works for early attempts at eco-cars. For this reason, many people are looking at driving hybrids, reducing the reliance on fossil fuels while keeping the functionality of a combustion engine.

Consumers are increasingly looking for in-car technology to improve their driving experience. These features are often designed for comfort and ease of use. These range from biometric vehicle access (the key fob is a thing of the past, fingerprint entry is on its way) to advancements in active window displays and navigation systems that highlight your next turn as seen from the driver’s perspective.

Ford has even previewed the idea of using your seat belt or steering wheel to sense vital health statistics. This could even combine with autonomous technology so that your car could pull over and call the emergency services if you became incapable of driving.

Be aware though, insurance companies and some states in the US are already talking about implementing fees and premiums related to miles driven, collecting data through remote vehicle and driver behavior tracking.

There are so many advances going on, with different car manufacturers in hot and often secretive competition to bring out the next evolution in car technology. This is a fascinating time to be a mechanic, we look forward to updating you on more industry advances in the future!

At MBS, we know quite a bit about on electric cars as one of our specialisms include the Mercedes-Benz Smart. If you require a service, get in touch on 01392 493222.

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