Leading the way as an independent garage using BMW’s own ISTA Diagnostics
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Leading the way as an independent garage using BMW’s own ISTA Diagnostics

MBS is always excited to introduce new technology to our workshop. It allows us to improve upon the services that we already offer our customers and to ensure that we are always working on your vehicle using the latest technological knowledge available.

So today, we would like to present the BMW Diagnostic tool called ISTA, which stands for Integrated Service Technical Application, that we are now thoroughly trained on and fully certified to use.

The ISTA program is the aftersales dealer diagnostics and reprogramming software for BMW tool and is without a doubt the best diagnostic system for BMW. It consists of several components that communicate with each other, offering various features and functions. ISTA offers powerful BMW and Mini vehicle diagnostic (ISTA/D) and reprogramming (ISTA/P) capabilities, with various options for vehicle identification for highly specific information searches for repair and maintenance, guided troubleshooting and software repair.

What this means for our customers is that when you report a fault with your vehicle, the first step is to check ISTA for any software updates relating to that fault. Errors or bugs can appear in the software manifesting as performance issues. Having this capability means that we can eliminate software issues before investigating a faulty component.

In addition to this we also receive notifications of any known component faults or fixes for your vehicle saving valuable time in identifying and fixing the problem for you which in turn can save you money as we are informed in real-time of the requirements, tools and materials required.

So, whether it’s a component that needs replacing or a software update that is needed, once your vehicle is connected to the BMW Group servers via our licensed ISTA equipment it will display the diagnosis path to take.

At MBS we use this software carefully as part of the diagnostic and programming process in conjunction with accurate vehicle information, a good understanding of the system and our own extensive knowledge, testing techniques and procedures.

If you have any issues with your BMW that you think we could help with or if you would just like to find out more get in touch on 01392 493 222, or otherwise we always welcome you to pop in for a chat.


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