6 signs you need new brakes

6 signs you need new brakes

There are a lot of drivers out there who don’t check their vehicles often enough for faults. Perhaps you’re heading somewhere in a rush and don’t have time to check your brake pads? Maybe you own a brand-new vehicle and assume nothing can go wrong? Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t wait until something goes wrong for brake maintenance to be your top priority.

Here are 6 signs you should look and listen out for which could be telling you that your car needs new brakes.

You hear a screeching noise

A screeching noise indicates that your brake pads are wearing away and are scraping against your vehicle’s wear indicators. The wear indicators are there to let you know when there’s a problem. So, when you hear a screeching noise, don’t ignore it, book your car in for a service before the problem deteriorates.

You will know the problem has gotten worse when you hear a squeaky noise – this is the sound of your brake pads rubbing against rust. You may also hear a grinding noise, which will damage the rotors and cause the brakes to stick. At this point, your brake pads are likely beyond repair, making your vehicle dangerous to drive.

Your car pulls to once side

It’s likely that one of your vehicle’s brake pads has worn away at a faster rate than the other, causing your car to pull to one side when braking. If this happens, speak to a professional as it may be also be a symptom of uneven tyre pressure or faulty wheel bearing.

Visible damage

One of the best checks you can perform on your vehicle is inspecting the thickness of your brake pads through the spokes of your car wheel. If the thickness is less than a quarter of an inch, you should replace your brake pads.


Vibrations when braking usually indicate misalignment of your vehicle or warped rotors.

Bringing your car to a stop takes longer than it used to

This is due to applying the brakes over a long distance without bringing the car to a complete stop.

Pool of fluid under your parked car

Brake fluid may develop under the side of your parked car. If you see this, you should seek professional advice.

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