Here at our brand new garage in Exeter, we offer a full range of specialist automotive services to keep your car in tip top condition!

With the latest equipment for our main brands, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Mini, we can ensure a swift and efficient service, with accurate turnaround times and attention to detail.

All our mechanics are intensively trained and qualified, which gives you peace of mind that your car is in the right hands.


  1. Tyre replacement
    Don’t just stay legal! Make sure your car gives you the best possible performance by using the right tyres for your vehicle and driving style. Here at MBS we will assess your needs, and recommend the right tyres for your car. Tyre replacement to order, we also keep a small stock of the top industry tyres, so we can replace swiftly in an emergency.
  2. Service
    Keep your car in tip-top condition with a full or part-service at MBS. Here in the heart of Exeter we can offer you a collect and deliver service, and all our services include a wash and mini-valet, so your car isn’t just gleaming under the bonnet.
    Our mechanics are specialist trained, so whichever model of BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Mini or Smart car, we can help you with an exacting service, and make further recommendations if required.
  3. Full four wheel laser Wheel Alignment
    One of the key ways to reduce your motoring costs is to ensure your wheels are aligned. Wheels that are out of alignment can cause excessive wear and tear on tyres, reduce your fuel efficiency and even be unsafe! Take advantage of our Laser Wheel Alignment system, for a swift and accurate adjustment that could save you £££’s
  4. Repair & Maintenance
    Even if you enjoy tinkering with your car, it can be difficult to find the time to keep up to date with all the little jobs required to keep your car in best condition. Many jobs require specialist equipment, and some just need a lot of time. Our mechanics are all top-brand trained, and experts in their chosen vehicles, and MBS has invested in the state-of-the-art garage equipment, as well as keeping many traditional machines for one-off jobs.
  5. Car wash and valeting
    There is no kind way to say this, we are all a little “OCD” at MBS about the care, condition and cleaning of your car. That means our valeting and car wash services are second to one. For a sparkling car, inside and out, treat yourself and your car to an MBS car wash and valet.
  6. Gearbox servicing repairs, both automatic and manual
    Whether you run a vintage model, a town get-about or a brand new top of the range performance car, it pays to ensure your gearbox is in excellent condition. MBS offers gearbox servicing and repairs, and we are happy to work in auto and manual transmissions, for new and old cars.
  7. Brake servicing and replacement, Pagid Proud to fit centre
    When your brakes need a service, or even replacement brakes, look no further than MBS. We are really proud of our status as a “Pagid Proud to Fit Centre” for brakes, replacements and servicing. We won this coveted award by being excellent at our job, getting to know you, the customer, and doing our work with a real commitment to quality.
  8. Engine overhaul & repair
    Because of our experience and our training with Mercedes, BMW and Porsche cars, we are expert in engine overhauls and repairs. Whatever your engine requires, let us look at it and quote you first. Our rates are typically less than the direct brand garages, yet our equipment and mechanic expertise is at least on a par.
  9. Battery testing and replacement
    Don’t wait until you need to work out the difference between a jump-start and a bump-start, instead understand your battery life with battery testing, and if necessary expert advice on replacement. And yes, of course we’ll fit it for you!
  10. Modern workshop
    When MBS bought the premises in Marsh Barton it was completely gutted and fitted out as a brand new workshop. Our aim: a spotlessly clean workshop with extensive fume-extraction, creating a spacious and airy place to work. Ask for a viewing behind the scenes, you’ll be impressed!
  11. Dealer level diagnostics
    We utilise all the dealer-level computer programmes for diagnostics, so you can be assured of a service that is second to none. All MBS Motor Mechanics are top brand trained, and we use the same programmes and diagnostics as the main dealers… except often at a lower price. Oh, and with the usual MBS friendly service.
  12. Friendly helpful fully trained staff
    Simply – we care! We have built our business on providing excellent service, and caring for our customers’ cars. It matters to us that you are happy. We will do whatever we can to ensure you get the work you need, and most importantly, to ensure that you keep coming back to us time and time again.
    We like to say “yes”. And we are here to help you. So please get in touch and let us prove our worth.
  13. MOT
    We have a brand new MOT centre, so combined with our expertise in BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Mini and Smart Cars, we can offer MOTs, and combine with servicing or other work to minimise your costs and time.We also offer occasional deals on collect and drop-off for MOT’s, so please ask us when we are next running our offer.
  14. Courtesy Car Available
    We know it’s no fun to get about without a car. So we offer a courtesy car for a mileage-only rate to cover petrol and running costs. Ask to book it when you next bring your car in. It’s only here to make life a little bit easier for you.
  15. Classic cars, older vehicles, well loved cars
    Even if we sound all whizzy, techie and new, we still love the older car! So bring in your vintage Merc, your classic Mini, or your road-hugging Beamer, we’ll lavish them with same expertise and care that we show their newer cousins. (They may even get a few extra nods of respect for being such great examples of their brand).
  16. Expertise
    We are always happy to advise and suggest ways to support your motoring, whether that is to reduce motoring costs, boost performance, or increase the lifespan of certain parts.


Services Prices

Approx prices for various jobs using a BMW vehicle as an example

Fixed Price Servicing – All Including VAT

Up to 1998 Non M-power

4 Cyl 6 Cyl 8 Cyl

Oil Service £119.99 £132.99 £144.99

Inspection I £189.99 £214.99 £219.99

Inspection II £249.99 £259.99 £284.99

Fixed Price Servicing – All Including VAT

From 1998 to 2004 Non M-Power

4 Cyl 6 Cyl 8 Cyl X5

Oil Service £149.99 £169.99 £179.99 £179.99

Inspection I £189.99 £199.99 £229.99 £229.99

Inspection II £269.99 £289.99 £299.99 £299.99


Fixed Price Servicing – All Including VAT

From 2004 to date, condition based Servicing

4 Cyl 6 Cyl 8 Cyl

Oil & Filter £124.99 £164.99 £174.99

Microfilter £59.99 £59.99 £59.99

Brake Fluid £42.99 £42.99 £42.99

Fixed Price Servicing – All Including VAT


E36 M3 E46 M3

Oil Service £164.99 £189.99

Inspection I £429.99 £439.99


Fixed Price Servicing – All Including VAT


E39 M5      E60 M5 & E63 M6

Oil Service    £189.99        £199.99

Inspection I   £224.99        £ Please Call

Inspection II  £344.99        £ Please Call

Prices illustrated here are approximate, please get to in touch to discuss your vehicles requirements